Fr. Keith on Sabbatical

Dear Upper Midwest Diocese,

Fr. Keith Hartsell, the Mission Pastor at Church of the Resurrection, and my Chaplain (communications, events coordination, etc) will be on sabbatical from April 24th through Aug.2nd.

Deacon Karen, Brenda & I will continue to be available throughout the summer. The Diocese has hired Abbey Siebert, to coordinate our Midwest Annual Gathering.

Summer is traditionally a slower ministry season so our communications should not be overly affected; but I did want to inform you of this change for the next few months.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Stewart has appointed The Rev. Dr. Stephen Gauthier as Canon Theologian of the Upper Midwest Diocese

Dearest Upper Midwest Family:

It is with great joy that I am announcing the appointment of The Reverend Dr. Stephen Gauthier to the ministry of Canon Theologian for our diocese. While any of us who know him are aware of his prodigious intellectual gifts and savvy marketplace abilities, Fr. Stephen is, first and foremost, a man of God. He is one I have come to trust deeply in both his understanding of and devotion to Holy Scripture as well as the reading of the Bible through the life of the Church throughout the centuries. He also carries a creative and studied liturgical expertise.

His role will be to advise me and the deans, to train our young leaders and artists as they start new works, and to help raise up a new generation of theologians for Holy Church. As time allows, he will also be available to visit and preach at parishes throughout the diocese.

He will be installed as Canon Theologian at our Clergy Retreat later this month.


Stephen J. Gauthier

Stephen J. Gauthier is a priest in the Anglican Church in North America, a member of the preaching team at Church of the Resurrection (Wheaton, Illinois), and has served extensively as a teacher on an ongoing basis in a variety of capacities, both for Church of the Resurrection and for the Greenhouse Missionary Movement (Men’s Bible Study, Confirmation classes, adult formation, Catechist Training, formation of ordinands). He holds a Ph.D. (French) from Vanderbilt University and has devoted a lifetime to the study of Scripture, theology, church history, liturgics, the early church fathers, canon law, and Carmelite spirituality.

Gauthier also is a certified public accountant and has served for more than a quarter century as the Director of Technical Services for the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. He is the author of numerous books and articles on accounting, auditing, and financial reporting, including Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting, commonly known as the “Blue Book,” which is the standard manual for state and municipal accounting in the United States.
Stephen started attending Church of the Resurrection in 2004, and was ordained as a deacon in 2009 and as a priest in 2011. Prior to that, he was a parishioner for 17 years at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, where he was verger and acolyte master, and also served as chair of the Liturgy Commission. He has been married for more than 30 years to Barbara and is the father of three adult children, Marc, Paul, and Gregory.
Fr. Stephen Gauthier

The First Bishop’s Council for the Upper Midwest


The setting for our first Bishop’s Council was Church of the Cross, Hopkins, Minnesota, and our hosts were Fr. Christian and Molly Ruch. We gathered there on Friday, January 31, for a candlelight dinner followed by an evening of sharing and Compline.


One by one we went around the table, answering Bishop Stewart’s two questions: ‘How did you come to faith in Christ?’ and “What are your hopes and dreams for our new diocese?’ The answers were varied and rich and laid a framework of trust among the Council members, many of whom were strangers until that day. The evening closed as we stood in the church chancel, praying together and saying the ancient words of Compline.


Saturday morning began with prayer and Bishop Stewart’s challenge to us from Matthew 17 on faith. “Faith is openness to God”, he said, and this became the watchword for the rest of the day, even as we moved into the business of 2013 financial reviews and discussion of the proposed 2014 diocesan budget. Here the signature word was ‘transparency’. Throughout the day there were thoughtful and hopeful reports given on church planting, leadership, college mission and staff appointments and in each we heard testimony of the Spirit’s moving.


A highlight of Saturday’s session was a spirited discussion of the upcoming Upper Midwest Annual Gathering, scheduled for May 15-17. Ideas were pouring out and there was a clear sense of energy and anticipation and openness to great things happening. Many details are being worked out, but the vision of the Bishop and the Council is that God is doing a new thing and we will follow with joy!


We shared the Lord’s Supper and prayed once more together before we parted. This first meeting will be remembered; faith is openness to God, be intentional in your Kingdom work, pray without ceasing, anticipate the unexpected and give thanks for your fellow pilgrims.

Sue Awes (a member of Church of the Cross, Hopkins, MN) has 5 grown kids, 11 grandchildren, a husband of 53 years, and a sales career that spanned 20 years. She has taught “Walk thru the Bible” for 20 years, lived in many states, and now eagerly anticipates what God has next.

Sue Awes

Bishop Stewart dedicates the new Greenhouse Mission Center


Bishop Stewart with the some of the Greenhouse Leaders


Several weeks ago, on a chilly Sunday morning, Bishop Stewart joined members from each of the five congregations that make up the Cornerstone Anglican Parish for a special bilingual service dedicating the new Greenhouse Mission Center building in Oak Park.

The Altar


It began with a procession from a home two blocks away where one of the congregations had been meeting for the past year.

As we sang “open the eyes of my heart/abre mis ojos oh Cristo” we marvelled at what the Lord had done in giving us such a beautiful space for worship and mission. Bp. Stewart, preaching from the account of Jesus calming the storm, charged those beginning worship in this new space to dedicate it as a place of prayer.
Worship led by Fr. Jonathan Kindberg

Worship led by Fr. Jonathan Kindberg

This new building will host English and Spanish services on Sunday morning for Cornerstone and will also be the national offices for the Greenhouse Movement.
- Fr. Jonathan Kindberg